Springbank 15 Year (2014 Bottling)

Springbank 15 Year (2014 Bottling), 46%

Nose: Subdued Springbank funk with smoke and rubbery notes, but quickly transitions to red berry, lemon, and honey

Palate: Medium mouth feel, vanilla cake, butter, light peat, more red berries, apples and pears, white pepper spice, earthy funk and some meatiness

Finish: Medium to long length, apple juice, strawberry, mild peat and drying oak

Rating: 87/100 – Excellent | Really quite exceptional

Springbank 15 is the 100% sherry cask matured release in Springbank’s lineup. Compared with my bottle of their 12 year cask strength, this dram is much more subtle and fruit oriented with some extra oak. I love both but I feel the 12 stays more true to the character of their malt. However, I’m not always in the mood for cask strength whisky, and the 15’s sherry + Campbeltown funk combination scratches an itch that very few scotches can. Honestly with Springbank you can make a case for owning each bottle in their core range, and that’s part of why they’re one of my favorite distilleries.

Additional Info: My first broken cork! Luckily I was able to coax it out with a cocktail pick.

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