Eagle Rare 10 Year Bourbon, 45%

Nose: Caramel and oak lead the way followed by some rye spice, vanilla, and that signature Buffalo Trace apple note

Palate: Thin to medium mouth feel, sweet oak, cherries, vanilla, brown sugar, some more green apple, caramel 

Finish: Short to medium length and very gentle, lingering caramel and oak 

Rating: 62/100 – Good | Better than average

Solid but underwhelming, Eagle Rare performs really well in an old fashioned but rarely do I find myself sipping it neat these days. I’d put it on par with Buffalo Trace but with a flavor profile that focuses a bit more on the oak from its 10 years of aging. I do wish it had the thicker mouth feel you often find in older bourbons. Now that the price has gone up and availability is beginning to decline in MA, I don’t see myself purchasing it again. There are better bourbons out there and a world of new craft distilleries and NDPs to explore. If you’re lucky enough to have Smoke Wagon in your state I’d recommend their Straight Bourbon as a great alternative.  

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