Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year Bourbon (2019)

Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year Bourbon (2019)


ABV: 47.8%

Age: 23 Years

Recipe: Unknown wheated bourbon mash

Distiller: Bernheim

Country/Region: USA/Kentucky

Price Paid (MSRP): $350 ($300)

Tasting Notes

Nose: Seasoned oak with minimal must, salted egg custard, lightly toasted marshmallow, cherries, vanilla cream, and cinnamon.

Palate: Thick mouth feel, intense drying oak, cocoa powder, cherries galore, cinnamon, red apples, walnuts, and more vanilla.

Finish: Medium to long length, cherry, vanilla, and dark chocolate with lingering oak spice. It’s especially tannic and drying but surprisingly no bitterness.

Rating: 91/100 – Incredible | An all time favorite

While not the mind blowing “face of God” bourbon that you would expect from its exorbitant secondary price, Pappy 23 is still an an awesome pour that showcases extra aged bourbon at its finest. The oak is intense, driving the tasting experience, and yet the bitterness of an over-oaked whiskey is missing. Dessert notes of custard, marshmallow, chocolate, and brandied cherry make for a rich and decadent affair. The finish is tannic and, while adequate, unfortunately fails to live up to the expectations set by the nose and palate. In the end, I doubt I’ll ever own another bottle of Pappy 23, but I’m thankful that I was I was able to experience this mythical bourbon.

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