Kozuba 6 Year High Wheat Rye Whiskey

Disclosure: This sample was given to me by Kozuba & Sons Distillery for review.

Kozuba 6 Year High Wheat Rye Whiskey, 45%

Nose: Sweet on the nose with some floral notes, vanilla, orange, a lot of banana candy, subtle wintergreen

Palate: Medium to light mouth feel with some gentle black pepper spice, clove, raw wheat, more floral notes and vanilla, it’s sort of buttery with a bubblegum sweetness 

Finish: Short to medium length, wheat bread, the sweetness hangs on and then it finishes minty with some lingering pepper 

Rating: 67/100 – Good | Better than average

A very unique and sippable rye. It’s sweet and gentle but there’s enough rye spice to keep things interesting. It’s similar to a lot of the common low-rye rye whiskeys, which generally contain a high percentage of corn, but the choice of wheat as the secondary grain really makes it stand out. You get some of that bready wheat funk that one might notice in Weller or Larceny bourbons, and I quite enjoy that. One downside though is that it tastes young for a 6 year rye but I’ve found these youthful notes are fairly common in wheated mash bills.

One of the most impressive things about Kozuba’s rye is the price point. $30 for a 6 year rye is rare and to hit that price point as a craft distiller is practically unheard of. At that price I’d pick it over most of the available budget ryes like Baby Saz or Bulleit. I’d really love to see a barrel proof release from Kozuba in the future, but that’s something I find myself asking for in too many of my reviews. Very well made whiskey.

Additional Info: Distilled by Kozuba & Sons in Florida, mash bill of 65% rye and 35% wheat

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