Longrow Red 13 Year Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon

Longrow Red 13 Year Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, 51.6%

Nose: Light peat, red berries, rubber, candied fruit, milk chocolate, candle wax, latex, vanilla

Palate: Oily and viscous, bubbly almost as if lightly carbonated, spicy, tame peat, more fruits, strawberry, strong vanilla, meaty

Finish: Long, drying oak, slightly tannic, more spices, and some smoke

Rating: 90/100 – Incredible | An all time favorite

My first introduction to both Longrow and the Red series and one that leaves quite a first impression. The peat is lighter than expected but I love what the Cabernet Sauvignon cask is doing to the malt. Just a wonderfully strong wine influence mingling with Springbank character. Will definitely be seeking out future releases.

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