Clark & Chesterfield Rye Whiskey, 53.5%

Nose: Musty, stale biscotti, rye grain, sour apple, old chocolate

Palate: More of that staleness, thin for the proof, a little spiciness, bready, grainy, sour cherry

Finish: Short to medium, slightly sweet

Rating: 37/100 – Bad | Multiple flaws

I don’t enjoy disparaging local craft distilleries because I appreciate what they’re trying to do, but this one was simply bad. It didn’t have any of the flavors I look for in a rye and the flavors that were present were very unappealing. On a positive note, the whiskey was surprisingly tame and didn’t have the harshness often found in younger ryes. Might be worth revisiting when their distillate hits 4 years.

Additional Info: Single barrel, 100% rye mash including rye grown on Old Tavern Farm in New Hampshire.

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