Rabbit Hole Founder’s Collection Cask Strength Boxergrail Rye

Rabbit Hole Founder’s Collection Cask Strength Boxergrail Rye, 57.3%

Nose: Rich with brown sugar and chocolate, orange peel, black pepper, clove, anise, a touch of mint

Palate: Medium to heavy mouthfeel, oily, more anise, rye spice, vanilla and caramel sweetness, mint, a little oak but not particularly tannic

Finish: Medium to long, slightly drying, spice fades quickly, licorice candy note lingers

Rating: 89/100 – Excellent | Really quite exceptional

A really well put together release from Rabbit Hole, though the price tag is hard to swallow (MSRP $190). Despite using the same 95/5 mash bill as MGP, this rye trades the signature dill for loads of anise and licorice notes. It’s really impressive stuff at only 6 years old. The only thing more impressive being the incredibly weighty 5 pound bottle stopper that Rabbit Hole chose for their elegant packaging.

Additional Info: 6 years old with a mash bill of 95% rye & 5% malted barely, blend of 7 “honey” barrels that were contract distilled at New Riff

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