Mammoth Infinity Whiskey – Tippin’s Market Custom Blend

Mammoth Infinity Whiskey – Tippin’s Market Custom Blend, 60%

Additional Info: A blend consisting of:

  • 75%: 1 barrel of 16 year Alberta rye
  • 25%: 3 barrels of 17 year Dickel bourbon
  • Finished in a cherry brandy barrel

Nose: Cherries, wintergreen, oak, vanilla, honey, lemons and oranges, raspberry sorbet, mellow and noses well below proof

Palate: Medium mouthfeel, orange rinds, cherry vanilla Coke followed by rye spices, anise, menthol

Finish: Medium length, slightly drying with plenty of oak, floral notes, lingering cherry

Rating: 82/100 – Excellent | Really quite exceptional

Very unique stuff as expected given the strange blend. The bourbon helps this a lot by giving it just enough sweetness and viscosity to counteract what seems like a thinner, perhaps over-oaked barrel of Alberta rye. The cherry brandy barrels are surprisingly subtle but after letting this rest, begin to reveal themselves and add a wonderful cherry cola effect. Consider me a fan!

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