Grangestone Single Malt Scotch – Rum Cask Finish

Grangestone Highland Single Malt Scotch Rum Cask Finish, 40%

Nose: Light and simple, honey, floral, slight lemon

Palate: Thin mouth feel, more floral and honey notes, some malt, vanilla, apple, maybe a hint of molasses

Finish: Short length, honey, apple, drying with a little wood

Rating: 44/100 – Sub-par | Many things I’d rather have

It’s actually not bad for a cheap Total Wine single malt. Simple and inoffensive. The rum casks don’t seem to add much though, perhaps giving the whisky just a touch more sweetness.

Additional Info: A Total Wine store brand, most likely sourced from Kininvie Distillery, finished in rum casks

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