Glenmorangie The Quinta Ruban

50ml sample bottle

Glenmorangie The Quinta Ruban


ABV: 46%

Age: 14 Years

Recipe: 100% malted barley aged in ex-bourbon and finished in Ruby Port casks

Distiller: Glenmorangie

Country/Region: Scotland/Highland

Price Paid (MSRP): $4 for 50ml ($55 for 750ml)

Tasting Notes

Nose: Fruity with berries and figs, there’s a bit of a musty malt character to it with something like straw or hay. Sweet notes of honey and milk chocolate with a little heat.

Palate: Medium mouth feel, opens with cinnamon and oak spices followed by figs, oranges, honey, walnuts, and chocolate. There’s some slight malt bitterness but it’s tempered by the Port.

Finish: Short to medium length, spice forward with oak tannins and then lingering jam.

Rating: 68/100 – Good | Better than average

This is a nice step up from the Original 10 Year which I didn’t care for. The flavors are well balanced with the Port masking the bitterness of Glenmorangie’s malt. It has a lot of great dessert notes with chocolate, figs, and oranges coming through in every sip. I’m not finding a lot of complexity, but it’s a tasty pour and I would definitely consider purchasing a bottle at its $50-60 price point.

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