Frey Ranch Bottled-In-Bond Straight Rye Whiskey

Frey Ranch Bottled-In-Bond Straight Rye Whiskey, 50%

Nose: Earthy, a fair amount of ethanol before revealing some mint, followed by caramel, chocolate, and oak

Palate: Nice thick mouthfeel, black pepper and rye spices, more caramel, fresh oak, vegetal notes of celery and grass, drinks above its proof

Finish: Medium length and quite spicy, mint, rich with some chocolate and finally more vegetal notes

Rating: 64/100 – Good | Better than average

Unfortunately the ethanol makes it difficult to really explore all of the notes available on the nose. However the palate offers a surprisingly thick mouthfeel for its young age and delivers all of the peppery punch you would expect from a 100% rye mash bill. I’m not sure this one is worth the price of admission ($55-60) but I’m very interested to see what Frey Ranch puts out in the future

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