Treaty Oak Ghost Hill Texas Bourbon

Disclosure: This sample was given to me by Treaty Oak for review.

Treaty Oak Ghost Hill Texas Bourbon


ABV: 47.5%

Age: 2 Years

Recipe: 57% corn, 32% wheat, 11% barley

Distiller: Treaty Oak

Country/Region: USA/Texas

Price Paid (MSRP): N/A ($55)

Tasting Notes

Nose: Malty and musty, oak, shoe polish, young wheat funk, chocolate, earth, and a lactic note.

Palate: Thick mouth feel but not heavy, rich with more chocolate, sugary, more of those lactic notes, raw wheat and grass. 

Finish: Medium length, grainy, tannic with a lot of oak.

Rating: 38/100 – Bad | Multiple flaws

Unfortunately this just isn’t a very good whiskey. While I will say that it has improved somewhat since I opened my bottle, it still feels flawed with that intense oakiness clashing with those young, raw, grassy notes. I’ve found that wheated bourbons can take a longer time to mature than their rye counterparts, and I think that Treaty Oak’s decision to use such a high percentage of wheat in their mash has done them no favors here. I’d love to taste this again with an additional year or two of aging, though I wonder how much work would be required to keep the bourbon from becoming an oaky mess. For now I’ll stick with recommending Treaty Oak’s Schenley Reserve Rye to anyone interested in trying one of their whiskeys.

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