Traverse City Whiskey Co. Barrel Proof Rye

Disclosure: This sample was provided to me by TC Whiskey for review.

Traverse City Whiskey Co. Barrel Proof Rye, 56.2%

Nose: Pine, lemongrass, clove, peppermint candies, oak, milk chocolate, anise

Palate: Medium mouthfeel, clove, loads of mint, rosemary, caramel, black pepper and cinnamon spice

Finish: Medium to long length, more pepper, spear mint, sweet oak, chocolate

Rating: 77/100 – Great | Well above average

On the first sip I thought “this is definitely mislabeled MGP rye” but then I began to notice a lot of grassy, herbal and minty notes with a distinct lack of dill pickle so I’m back to thinking this is TC distillate after all. And hats off to TC because this is a really great rye, combining many of my favorite flavors from both MGP and Alberta Distillers. After tasting their barrel proof, I’d put Traverse City in contention with Willett and New Riff for best 4 year craft rye and will be seeking out a single barrel pick of their 6 year stuff.

Additional Info: Aged for 4 years or more, distilled by TC whiskey using a 100% locally grown rye mash bill

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