The Exclusive Malts: Speyside 25 Year (Glenlivet) 1992 – Cask No. 140883

The Exclusive Malts: Speyside 25 Year 1992 – Cask No. 140883


ABV: 50.3%

Age: 25 Years

Recipe: 100% malted barley, matured in a Hogshead cask

Distiller: Glenlivet

Country/Region: Scotland/Speyside

Price Paid (MSRP): $155 ($200)

Tasting Notes

Nose: Balanced mix of pears, brine, lemon, cereal grains, oak, and vanilla.

Palate: Medium to thick mouthfeel, quite creamy, bright clean flavors, vanilla frosting, lemon drops, salted pear, grapefruit, malt, pepper, and an earthy oak.

Finish: Medium to long length, vanilla, lemon, custard, lingering oak spice with a quick but off-putting bitterness.

Rating: 84/100 – Excellent | Really quite exceptional

This was a very nice malt, though perhaps a bit simple for its age. The palate was the star of the show with an excellent mouth feel coupled with sugary vanilla and fruit notes. The finish delivers admirably until that one bitter note, reminiscent of cleaning agent, briefly appears. It’s subtle but unfortunately enough of a defect to keep this otherwise lovely, old whisky from attaining greater heights.

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