Talisker Distillers Edition (2008 – 2018)

Talisker Distillers Edition (2008 – 2018), 45.8%

Nose: Seaweed, peat smoke, nuts, figs, raspberries, strawberry jam, vanilla

Palate: Light to medium mouthfeel with a nice oiliness, starts sweet with nuts and berries before black pepper spices emerge, sea salt and more smoke, vanilla, mineral notes, the peat is mild

Finish: Medium length, gentle lingering pepper spice, toasted nuts with chocolate

Rating: 83/100 – Excellent | Really quite exceptional

A very nice twist on the standard Talisker 10. The sherry casks temper the signature peppercorn notes and impart sweeter nut and berry flavors that balance the malt. To me this creates a more complex, refined, and enjoyable Talisker whisky but I could see why someone might prefer the bolder original 10 year.

Additional Info: Double matured in Amoroso sherry casks

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