Redbreast Small Batch Cask Strength Batch No. B1/19

Redbreast Small Batch Cask Strength Batch No. B1/19, 58.7%

Nose: Cereal, toasted oats, honey, apple, pears, hot

Palate: Nice oily mouthfeel, spicy, a bit of oak but then bombarded with more cereal grain notes, more pear, apple, stone fruits

Finish: Medium length, slightly drying, spicy, numbs the tongue

Rating: 78/100 –  Great | Well above average

A very nice release from Redbreast. I go back and forth on whether I prefer this or the standard 12 year CS I have. The small batch CS has a bit more clarity to it but is very grain heavy and misses many of the darker fruit notes I find in the 12 CS. 

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