Nashville Barrel Co. 8 Year Barrel Proof Rye

Disclosure: This sample was provided to me by Nashville Barrel Co. for review.

Nashville Barrel Co. 8 Year Barrel Proof Single Barrel Rye, 54.5%

Nose: Brown sugar galore followed by rye spice and mild dill, dark oak emerges with notes of vanilla, nutmeg and clove

Palate: Medium to thick mouth feel and quite oily. Opens with a burst of cinnamon and rye spices but quickly shifts focus to milk chocolate with some oak just behind it, brown sugar, herbal notes of dill, mint, and rosemary, orange peel, white pepper, drinks below proof

Finish: Medium to long length, vanilla, caramel and plenty of spear mint, tingling nutmeg and pepper spice, toasted oak

Rating: 87/100 – Excellent | Really quite exceptional

NBC nailed this one. This is some top tier rye and it really shows off that 6-8 year MGP sweet spot where their rye is still quite lively but has plenty of chocolate and oak notes. This particular barrel is a nice departure from some of the more herbal ryes I’ve had lately and instead leans heavily into a brown sugar and cinnamon profile. I’m definitely regretting not getting in on Reddit’s recent /r/bourbon barrel pick. Excellent stuff.

Additional Info: 8 Year MGP distilled rye, barrel number unknown

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