Deanston 11 Year SV Cask Strength 2008 66.7%

This bottle was purchased from FineDrams and comes from cask #900070 at a tongue melting 66.7%! I made sure to let it rest for a full 15 minutes before tasting.

Deanston 11 Year SV Cask Strength 2008 66.7% Cask No: 900070

Nose: Lots of fruits, plums, raisins and apricots, milk chocolate, leather, vanilla cake and finally some ethanol as expected

Palate: Sweet fruits, Luxardo cherries, cocoa, almonds, some spices, clove, black pepper, honey, starts off surprisingly mild before the heat builds

Finish: Peppery, slight bitterness, more chocolate, very long and satisfying

Rating: 83/100 – Excellent | Really quite exceptional

One of, if not, the best high-octane sherry bombs I’ve tried. I pitted it against Tamdhu Batch Strength and A’bunadh with some friends and it won easily. It’s not overly complex but the flavors are well balanced and it drinks dangerously below the fiery proof. I would definitely recommend it as a high proof dessert dram.

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