Buzzard’s Roost Toasted Barrel Rye

Disclosure: This sample was provided to me by Buzzard’s Roost for review.

Buzzard’s Roost Toasted Barrel Rye, 52.5%

Nose: Lots of fresh toasted young oak, vanilla bean, rye spices, caramel, a little toasted marshmallow sweetness

Palate: Medium to light mouth feel, more vanilla, pine, white pepper spice, nutmeg, cinnamon and some mint

Finish: Medium length, baking spices, lemon peel, mint and light brown sugar sweetness, drying fresh oak

Rating: 74/100 – Great | Well above average

I’m a sucker for toasted ryes and this one is no exception. If Michter’s Toasted Barrel Rye is a s’more in a glass, then Buzzard’s Roost is the stick the marshmallow was roasted on. The nose is really complex and wonderful with bright young rye notes balanced against the toasted oak. The palate and finish show a bit more youth but aren’t harsh, most likely due to the level of influence the barrel has provided. Overall it’s a lighter, brighter toasted profile than I’ve had before and I’m really enjoying it. Still I can’t help but think a few more years could really bring BR’s toasted rye to the next level.

Additional Info: MGP rye aged at least 36 months in toasted oak barrels

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